Hot Or Not: Charles Barkley's Thong Slacks That Shaq Roasted Him For

Fellas, are we starting to rock thong slacks? I work from my basement so I wear sweatpants and a hoodie every day. Can't say that look is for me unless I really want to jazz it up and head to a wedding. I mean we've had different debates about thongs but not really centered around men. We had a debate on exposed thongs: 

Thong wedgies: 

Wearing underwear correctly: 

And now we have Shaq out here bringing up thong slacks on Barkley. Personally? I think I love the move. Barkley is out here roasting the women of San Antonio and now the women of Georgia, he needs to live up to his word. Don't be ugly. 

Now I think it would be fair to put out some comparisons here to truly determine whether this is hot or not.