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Doc Rivers Calls Bill Simmons An Idiot And Jeremiah Rivers Goes Off On Simmons on Twitter




How about Doc Rivers pulling the old “I’d love to call him an idiot but since I’m too classy for that I won’t” card?   That’s my move! Well played Doc.  Listen I’ve already said how I feel about this.  Doc wants to compete for championships.  The Celtics have given up on doing that for the foreseeable future.  He didn’t want to stick around and wait 5 years until they are good again.  If that’s quitting on the Celtics so be it.    But I don’t totally disagree with Simmons that Doc has been ultra wishy washy on how much wanted out or demanded the trade.  I mean Doc is a media savvy guy. He was trying to orchestrate it so he came out smelling like roses and guys like Bill Simmons wouldn’t say he quit on the team.   I’m not sure why he felt like he needed to protect himself though since it’s pretty obvious what is happening.   If you think Doc should stick it out through the lean years than you probably think he quit.  It’s that simple.

But honestly none of that is really here nor there.   I know everytime I bring up Simmons people think I’m jealous blah, blah, blah.  Trust me I’m not.  He’s just a weird bird.   I’ve said a million times that I think in his prime he was one of the best writers who has ever lived. I’m talking back to his Digital City Boston days.  But he is also one of the least charismatic people on earth.   Just awful in front of the camera to the point it almost ruins his writing.   Yes I admire how he’s not a patsie like most of the guys on ESPN and will say what he feels, but I think he borderline may have a social disorder.  He’s that awkward. It’s crazy how somebody so likeable with their writing can be so hateable in person.  Squid city.