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'But Rudolph' is Trending Thanks to Browns Fans Defending Myles Garrett, Further Demonstrating Why They are a Loser Franchise

It's a simple fact of human existence that you can't get everyone to agree on anything. But that said, you'd think that there are some things that are objective truths so one-sided, so morally unambiguous, that we'd something close to a unanimous opinion. For instance, Myles Garrett ripping Mason Rudolph's helmet of and smashing him over the head with it in front of 100 million witnesses. It's reasonable to think we'd get a consensus opinion on the wrongness of that and which of the two parties is to blame. 

But if you think that, you'd be wrong. Because this morning, "But Rudolph" is trending, thanks mainly to Browns fans who must've stayed up through the night breaking down game film to demonstrate how Rudolph brought that shit on himself. Stemming from this:

Cause and effect, I guess. He tries to rip your helmet off, you clobber him over the melon with his helmet. They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. THAT'S the Cleveland way:

I said "mostly Browns fans," but not exclusively:

I get that Twitter is dark and full of terrors. Everyone sees things through the prism of their own bias and loyalties. But if you're a Browns fan who's emotionally invested in seeing your abomination of a franchise finally become respectable, instead of defending Myles Garrett, you should be dragging his ass. Just for football reasons.

This wasn't some noble, selfless act. This wasn't a lineman protecting his quarterback from a vicious hit (it pains me to say it but that's exactly what Maurkice Pouncey was doing). It wasn't a teammate retaliating in the heat of the moment because someone ordered a code red on a defenseless receiver. This was Garrett losing his shit because Rudolph was being a punk. 

And even if you're inclined to take his side and say Rudolph had it coming? Well congratulations. Now you're down your best defensive player. For at least a month. Possibly the season. Defending a player who stupidly gets himself suspended because he can't control his inner Hulk is exactly the kind of things loser franchises do. Instead of coaching guys not to take shots that get them put in the league's time out chair, losers accept it. Make excuses for it. Defend it. Celebrate it, even. And that's why they remain losers. Just ask the people of Cincinnati how justifying the vicious cheap shots of a feral maniac like Vontaze Burfict all those years worked out for them. 

And let's not kid ourselves that Garrett was one merit badge away from making Eagle Scout.

Or that the Browns weren't pulling shenanigans all night long:

The one scoring drive the Steelers had all night included four penalties by the Browns (three accepted). And after every single flag, including that one where Demarious Randall had Diontae Johnson bleeding out his ear, the offending defender put his hands out palms up in the universal sign for "Huhhh??? What'd I do???"

Because that's how losers, loser franchises and loser fanbases respond to stuff like this. While winners practice accountability, winning coaches demand you keep penalties to a minimum and fans of winners expect their best players to dress every week so the winning will continue. If you're painting Myles Garrett as the victim right now instead of demanding better, you deserve the loser team you've got.