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Eric Bledsoe Was A Real Twat Last Night

I get the Bulls suck and you're the big bad Milwaukee Bucks but can we please not do this? I have enough people and stuff to hate right now. Last thing Chicago needs is to lump the Bucks into the mix at the start of what's shaping up to be a 22 in season. No need to draw attention to yourself in a negative way. If you're gonna do it, be positive. 

Speaking of positive, Coby White had another awesome game. For those keeping track at home, thats Two In A Row. One again tomorrow and we call that a good-game-streak. It has happened before. 

If there's any encouragement from a mid-November Wednesday night loss to the best team in the East, it's that Coby led the Bulls in minutes, fg attempts, 3pt attempts, etc. A week ago we bitched relentlessly that Jimbo was being a real Jimbo limiting his late minutes and chances. 

Another thing: 

Black uniforms looked real sharp last night

Hard to hate that drip.

Next up is Saturday 5pm tip at home against the Nets. It's the only 5:00pm home game of the season. I have no idea what that means but I feel like you can get a lot more hammered and make it through the game. Like just start up around noon down at West End, bucket after bucket. Nacho can after nacho can. Gamble college football then stumble down to the UC makes for a magical sports day. Those two hours make a real difference GO BULLS SEE RED