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Knicks Fans Just Put On The Booing Performance Of A Lifetime When Kristaps Porzingis Was Introduced Tonight

That's my Mecca baby! Us Knicks fans may not have much to cheer about. But if you wrong us or are allegedly a piece of shit, we are going to boo the everliving fuck out of you since we don't have to save our energy for the playoffs. Other arenas may boo. But only the people that live in the city so overpriced/overcrowded/filthy they named it twice can boo to the point you can feel it in your soul along with very original chants!

The 90s Knicks "No Layup Rule" better be in effect every time Latvia Drago drives to the rim. Tonight is the reason you signed all those power forwards with fighting experience over the summer.

P.S. It is such bullshit that TNT has infamous Knicks haters Reggie Miller in the booth and Charles Barkley in the studio tonight. That, as well as the lack of talent, feels like it almost ensures bad shit to happen to the Knicks.