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Memphis Student Newspaper Blames Coach Cal For James Wiseman Being Suspended Because Memphis Fans Are Delusional And Desperate

I hate that I have to fucking link this article. It's the most asinine thing that even the staunchest Coach Cal hater probably looks at like ehh, this is a reach. That's because Memphis fans are delusional, stupid, whatever you want to fill in the blank with here. Remember, this is the same program that was mad Cal left for Kentucky. You're Memphis! You leave for Kentucky 100 out of 100 times without even thinking and if your mother is the AD at Memphis. 

Let's get into some of the gems here by whoever wrote this. 

“I’m sure all of these college coaches are jealous of Penny, because but the real deal,” Johnson said.

That quote is from some lawyer in Ohio, the only person this guy interviewed. Let's think about this for a second. Every coach in America is jealous of Penny. Not because he has a shit ton of money. Not because of Lil Penny. Not because he was a household name due to playing talent. But because he has 1 No. 1 recruiting class, which is fine. It's not some crazy recruiting class (Wiseman is awesome, but it's mostly made up of really good 4-star guys). I can guarantee that K, Cal, Wright, Roy, Tony Bennett, etc are not jealous of Penny. I'm pretty sure they're good.

Then there's this reason: 

Three of the nine incoming freshmen had some form of interaction with UK during their recruitment process: Wiseman, Jeffries, and Lester Quinones. D.J. Jeffries, a five-star recruit, had even committed to the Wildcats prior to committing and signing to the UofM, but these are just motives from the past year.

Yes, DJ Jeffries was committed to Kentucky, but if you know anything about this recruitment process it was a mutual split. You know DJ Jeffries, the same guy who played for Penny's AAU team that Penny coached. Yeah, the guy currently playing for Penny at Memphis. No weird thing there as to why he'd want to play for Memphis .None at all. 

This clown goes on and on about how everyone (especially Calipari) is jealous of Memphis. Just a little reminder for Memphis fans, since Calipari took over Kentucky here are some stats. UK has the most regular season wins in the country, they have the most Final Fours and they have the most tournament wins with a title sprinkled in there. During that same time Memphis won a combined two NCAA Tournament games. They have been as irrelevant as irrelevant can be. Now, sure, that's changing with Penny, no doubt about it. But don't get it twisted. Kentucky is not and will never be jealous of Memphis. 

The Wiseman situation sucks, but that's because of NCAA rules. It has nothing to do with Calipari leaving your ass to join the best program in America. I would do a Dave thing here and challenge this clown to a debate, but it's pointless. That's how little I think of whoever wrote this. 

It's always cute watching these programs try to draw attention by going after the biggest guy in the yard.