Is The Nicholas Backstrom 15 Goals In 15 Seconds Commercial The Dumbest Commercial On TV?


This commercial has been bothering me for a month now.  Every time I see it I get confused/mad.  Like is this dude seriously bragging about this shit?   Yeah no shit you got 15 goals in 15 seconds dude.  You play in the NHL.  You’re a fucking professional hockey player.  I mean fuck it.  I’m a professional blogger and I guarantee you I can get 15 goals in 15 seconds.  Anybody can do it.   And just to prove I’m not full of shit I went out and gave it a whirl.   Broken neck and all.  That’s just what I do.  Keep motherfuckers honest.



PS – Huge shoutout to the guys at ProEvolution Hockey for giving me the ice time.  If you want your kids to learn how to shoot like I did sign up for summer camps with my guys at ProEvolution Hockey”