Trevor Plouffe Says The Astros Allegedly Used An Earpiece And Their Bullpen Catcher To Cheat During The 2017 World Series When It Was Too Loud To Hear The Garbage Can Banging

HOLY SHIT. I mean holy fucking shit. Remember when a player claimed this did not happen in the postseason? Well, if we're speaking in technicalities the garbage can scheme did not happen in the postseason. That's because, allegedly, they were performing some Mission Impossible bullshit right in broad daylight! I mean holy fucking shit balls. 

Piece by piece, all of the info is coming together. After we learned about the garbage can banging during the regular season, a lot of us wondered what they did in October when it was way too loud to hear a bang or a whistle and process it in time for a pitch. No way they just stopped cheating. You're naive if you think they wouldn't do this when the games mattered most. Now we know, thanks to Trevor Plouffe and Carson Smith, that the Astros were pretty much in the CIA. 

These guys gotta go. I mean all of them. Prison. Every single one of them. If this is true the MLB needs to drop a bomb on these guys that will shake baseball forever.

P.S. This is going to be impossible to prove. The Astros might have to murder Jomboy before more videos come out.