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I Am Appalled That Ryan Pace Didn't Even Take A Meeting

No, not about Colin Kaepernick. Appalled is too strong of a word to describe not going down to the NFL “we totally didn’t collude to keep Kaepernick out of the NFL” fake workout in Atlanta. I am annoyed that the Bears aren’t going. If the Patriots think it’s worthwhile to attend then the Bears should be too, but at the end of the Kaepernick hasn’t played a snap since 2016. Especially since the Bears are a QB away from being a legit Super Bowl contender you’d think that they’d leave not stone unturned. That’s not how the Bears operate.

Not meeting with Kaepernick has me triggered. That’s the word. It just brings back the 2017 Draft process all over again when the Bears were in search of a franchise quarterback and didn’t even meet with DeShaun Watson

(source)–If the Bears were truly on the hunt for a franchise-changing quarterback, Avery wondered, why wouldn’t they do the full gamut of homework on a two-time recipient of the Davey O’Brien Award, given to the top quarterback in college football? Why hadn’t the Bears held a private workout with Watson or taken him to dinner as they had with Trubisky and Patrick Mahomes?

Instead, they met with Watson during the assembly-line interview process at the combine and for a bit after his pro-day workout. That was it.

“Honestly,” Avery said, “I thought that either they had some kind of wild process where they were going to try to sneak under the radar and grab Deshaun because they had heard so many positive things about him. Or it was an organization with a bunch of dysfunction that wasn’t prepared to be successful or didn’t have the pieces in place to truly take the next steps.”

That’s right, Ryan Pace watched the same National Championship Game we all saw against Alabama

And just dismissed him. It doesn’t make ANY sense. It feels like negligence. I mean Ryan Pace flew down to El Paso, Texas to watch an 8-5 Mitch Trubisky play in the fucking Sun Bowl by himself, but he can’t fly DeShaun Watson up to Chicago and take him to The Lantern for dinner and drinks after a day at Halas Hall? The Bears talked about how they fell in love with Trubisky over dinner becaues he was charming and gregarious and drove a 1997 Camry. “Omg, that’s s’cute”–Ryan Pace. Driving a shitty car is endearing, but maybe if they had DeShaun Watson in for dinner they’d know that his mom had cancer or that he built his own Habitat For Humanity house

That’s pretty god damn endearing if you ask me. Something that maybe the Bears would’ve fallen in love with if they hadn’t seemingly eliminated a 2x Heisman Finalist, Davey O’Brien Award winner, and National Championship MVP before the draft process already started. That’s what bothers me. People miss on QBs all the time. It happens. Lot’s of people had Mitch rated as the #1 QB. Not the Chiefs or Texas, but lots of other people. My problem, the thing that has me triggered, is that they didn’t do their homework. They just decided that Mitch was the guy because he reminded Pace of Brees…somehow.

Now the Bears are right back where they were in 2017…they need a QB. Kaepernick is there, but the Bears aren’t interested. Which is understandable to a degree, but again…go through the process. There’s all sorts of rumors and talk about Cam Newton to the Bears this offseason. Are the Bears going to interview him? Are they going to consult doctors? Put him through a physical? Are they going to do ANYTHING? Or are they going to just stick with their guy, again, and hope he improves in year 4? Pace has done a lot of good things here, but after reading that article in the Trib and learning about the process it’s impossible to trust him to fix the situation and the cause for termination starts with that article and that decision.