Violence At Popeyes Rolls On As People Continue To Punch Each Other In The Face Over A Chicken Sandwich

No joke is going to a Popeyes to try and get a spicy chicken sandwich one of the most dangerous things you can do these days? It has to be. I have yet to get one of these sandwiches and I really would like to try one but every video I see involving Popeyes has nothing to do with how delicious the sandwich is and everything to do with people getting punched in the face repeatedly.

I mean the guy on the bottom of that pile wasn’t just eating punches, he was eating haymakers. He thought he was gonna eat a chicken sandwich and instead he ate a bunch of knuckle sandwiches. Haymaker after haymaker after haymaker until the cops showed up. It started out as a chick fight and eventually spiraled into a chick fight ironically sandwiched in between a dude fight.

When am I gonna be able to go get a sandwich and not leave with a black eye? That’s what I wanna know. I will say, the commentary from the two women taking the video was A++++++++. They’re play-by-play naturals and even were able to work jokes about the MAMMOTH cop and the chicken sandwiches seamlessly into the broadcast. Great stuff by them. Everyone else in the video needs to grow up. Or don’t, I don’t really care.