Is Aaron Hernandez The Worst Murderer Who Has Ever Lived?


So by now everybody knows that my man Aaron Hernandez has re-written the book on how NOT to commit murder. Just the absolute worst murderer who has ever played the game. My question is what do you think his dumbest move was? Was it him picking up the victim in a rental car he rented under his name? Was it him killing the dude a mile from his house? Was it him returning the rental car with shell casing in it?  Was it him carrying the gun back to his house and getting caught on his own surveillance cameras waving the murder weapon around? Or was it him proceeding to break his cell phone and surveillance equipment but not really breaking it? Just start to finish an absolute tour de force in how not to murder a guy.

I guess of all the things he did wrong the one that gets me the most is I still don’t get how he just left the body there? That makes ZERO sense to me. It’s not like he shot him in a different state. Hernandez basically shot him in his kitchen. Like his neighbors heard the gun shots. For all we know he left a little video of himself making it rain over the body. Just surreal ineptitude to the point I’m not even sure you can call it ineptitude anymore. It’s almost like he wanted to be caught.

My only conclusion is that Hernandez is brain dead.  Not even joking. I mean I’ve never killed a bro before, but I promise you this. If I do I’m not going to kill him where I live and just leave him there and hope for the best. That’s rookie ball. Throw him in a river. Bury him. Kill him in Dorchester on Blue Hill Ave and make it seem random. But don’t go to your upscale neighborhood and execute him gangland style in your driveway and leave him there. That’s going to get you caught 1 million out of 1 million times. Murder 101 really.