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Road Rage Fight! Man Spraying A Fire Extinguisher Vs. Man Swinging A Car Seat - Who Ya Got?

The winner, to absolutely nobody's surprise, is the guy with the fire extinguisher. The guy swinging his kid's car seat lost the battle (the fight), the war (whatever health issues he will encounter in the coming years after sucking a metric ton of fire extinguisher smoke), and the video (I was laughing at that dickhead the entire time). Coming up short on all three judges' cards is an impressive feat considering that video was less than a minute long. I imagine this schmuck rifled through his car hoping to choose between an array of incredible weapon options like Butch from Pulp Fiction.

But this Father of the Year candidate settled on a car seat while also ignoring the number 1 rule of engagement: Don't fuck with the person that can fire projectiles from a safe distance. It doesn't matter if you are bringing a knife to a gun fight or a car seat to a fire extinguisher fight. You will always end up the loser, especially if the guy unleashing smokey chaos has the shelter advantage and higher ground advantage by safely sitting inside of a giant bus. Now lets play this car seat swinging lunatic the sound clip he deserves!

Actually let me clarify that last statement. You will always end up the loser if you don't have a kid sitting in that car seat. However if you do have a kid sitting in the seat as you flail it in the air, you will probably make the dude douching you in the face with a fire extinguisher think twice about spraying his extinguisher which would make him an instant internet pariah for putting a child at risk while also having an extra set of eyes, ears, and hands on your side during the brouhaha. Now that I think about it, I guess you will also be subject to immense hatred and judgement the very same internet mob for selecting a car seat with a kid sitting on it as your weapon of choice for this road rage kerfuffle. But if you are going to get in a fight with a dude wielding a fire extinguisher, either come correct with a blunt object more intimidating than a seat for babies or decide against getting into a confrontation, drive home, and (eat/drink/insert your vice here) away your anger like the rest of us full full grown adults do.