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Memphis Offers Scholarship To Son Of Player On Current Team

Memphis has had a great 2019. They rank 18th in the CFP and if they win out, they'll be the G5's representative in the NY6. 

Like any sport, if you rest on your laurels in college football, your program will soon fall down into the shitter. You have to continue to build your program at every second. Mike Norvell knows this, that's why he just offered the first 5-star pre-schooler:

The twist here is that Chris Claybrooks Sr., the father of Chris Claybrooks Jr., is currently on Memphis:

As I've said multiple times I'm no college football historian, but I believe this is the first time that a player on a team has had a son offered by that same team. 

Congrats to Chris Claybrooks Jr. if he is reading this. I'm pretty sure he isn't, because Barstool isn't big in the 2-5-year-old age bracket, but who knows. I've been wrong before.