Is Ja Morant already the best Grizzlies player ever??

Yes, Ja Morant has only played 10 games in the NBA so far and this entire blog could be considered recency bias. However, after his game last night, I'm ready to argue for him as one of the best players in franchise history already. Now some may argue that take is a little premature. Is it really though? For a franchise who realistically has never really contended for anything, I don't think it is. 

One of the franchise's best players, Mike Conley, returns to Memphis tomorrow night. Now I love Mike Conley, he's one of my favorite players of all time. But of all the years of watching him on the Grizz, I never really saw anything close to what Morant is doing right now in terms of explosiveness and creativity.

Since their relocation to the 901, the obvious opponents to Morant are the big four from the good ole Grit n Grind Grizzlies. Marc Gasol, Mike Conley, Zach Randolph, and Tony Allen. All four of them are so important to the city of Memphis and the basketball culture there, but I'd argue the raw talent of Ja Morant is unmatched by any of those four (with all due respect). The stuff he is doing so early in his career is crazy. 

His stats alone are already spectacular and he's only gonna get better. It's gonna be a real shame when you see him leave Memphis in after his rookie deal is up to go join a contender like so many young stars today. But for now, let's just ride the Ja Morant wave and hopefull something meaningful will come of it.