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Ohio Hoops Head Coach Jeff Boals Put On A Locker Room Dance Routine For The Ages After Beating *Checks Notes*...Iona

I'll be honest, I can't stop watching this. I fucking love when coaches dance in the locker rooms. But I think what makes this even better is it's a November game against Iona. Imagine what happens if Ohio beats a major program. I mean Ohio was only 4.5 point dogs so it's not like it was a crazy upset either. But this is what makes it even better. You have the McGregor swagger walk in. You have the delayed reaction by the players. Then you have it. One of the best dance routines I've seen a college hoops coach break out. 

It starts with the standard coach move. Hop in the circle and shimmy nothing but shoulders. 

Then Boals does the smart thing. He goes nothing but elbows like he's Mac from It's Always Sunny. It's a smart move. Keep the momentum, add another body part moving. 

Boals gets a bit ballsy here though. He starts to dust the shoulders off. Realizes he may be over his head and immediately just goes into waving his hands like he just doesn't care. Moving him up my coaching rankings on this decision and self-awareness. 

They have Villanova and Baylor coming up. I need them to win one of those games. I need to see what Boals will do then. Also need him do it in a real locker room, I'm pretty sure Iona put OU in the broom closet here. Give this man some space to dance.