Hannah B Threw BIG TIME Shade At Jed Last Night At The CMAs


You just know Hannah B has been waiting a longgggggggg time to throw that shade at Jed. She’s said all the right things ever since the end of the show but that lady caught her in a casual moment and she finally let it loose. And you know what? That was the meanest thing she could’ve said about Jed. She could’ve talked about how he stabbed her in the back and had a girlfriend the whole time on the show but she didn’t, she went for his dreams. Clearly all Jed cares about in this world is becoming a country music star (which he is not and has shown no signs of being) so for her to take a shot at that means she REALLY hates his guts. The way she said it was so genuine too. She didn’t wanna say it and then she did and it was AWESOME.

The irony of it all is that, if Jed had simply been faithful to Hannah during her season and not had a girlfriend back home the whole time and stayed engaged to Hannah, he would’ve fulfilled his dreams and been at the CMAs last night. Too bad for Jed. There’s a good chance he never steps foot into the CMAs.