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I Hope OBJ Doesn't Forget This Yawn That Mike Tomlin Gave When Asked About Playing Him Twice A Year

Alright so this year obviously hasn't gone according to plan. On August 2nd, when this video first came out, I would've told you there was a 0.0% chance that through nine healthy games, OBJ would have a grand total of one touchdown and the Browns would be 3-6. I would've bet my life's savings and honestly, probably my life. Because it just wasn't possible to fathom back in August.

The Browns being bad this year is honestly one of the craziest things I've ever seen happen on planet Earth, but it's the reality we are currently living in. Anyways, tonight is Cleveland's Last Stand (Part 2). Part 1 was last week when we beat the Bills. It started what needs to be an 8 game win streak to close out the season and finish 10-6 to get a wild card spot. So if the Browns want this season to be anything other the an embarrassing failure, they need to beat the Steelers tonight. 

And I feel that it is my duty as a Browns fan to make sure that our players are ready to go. Do I wish that our quarterback and our star receiver could just be professionals and bring their A game every single time they take the field? Yes, of course. But the fact of the matter is that they both only play their best when everyone is against them. Baker needs Rex Ryan to chirp him, and OBJ needs Greg Williams to say he's not a dynamic player. That's when they actually perform.

I mean, we all know that Odell thinks the entire world revolves around him, which is why he's worn a watch, illegal shoes, another watch, more illegal shoes, pants that don't cover his knees, and a colored visor this year. He faces some sort of criticism every week. But no one has really called out his on field play much, and when they have, he's shown up.

So yeah, OBJ, here's your reminder that Mike Tomlin yawned when asked about playing you two a year. YAWNED! 

Most of the world has forgotten about this, just like they've forgotten about the Browns for the rest of the year, but the OBJ I know has a touchdown dance ready tonight. And there's only one way to get to show a touchdown dance: score.

I'm feeling a biiiiiiiig game out Odell tonight.