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2019-2020 NCAA Wrestling All Ear Team

We have a lot of award winners at this year's ceremony, so I'm just going to leave the introduction at this: I went through several hundred pictures of hideous adult men, so I preemptively apologize for making mistakes and leaving deserving candidates off the list. Also, I'm pretty sure some of the teams used recycled roster pics from previous years, and some teams took their roster pics with technology that was invented in the 18th century. Whatever. 


Anthony Artalona, Penn

Eric Barnett, Wisconsin

Earl Blake, Kent State

Nelson Brands, Iowa

Roman Bravo-Young, Penn State

Carson Brolsma, Minnesota

Kaid Brock, Oklahoma State

Kevin Budock, Old Dominion

Tyler Buesgens, Iowa State

Evan Cheek, Cleveland State (Yearbook Picture From Three Decades Ago Award)

Aidan Conroy, Davidson

Brandon Courtney, Arizona State

Brian Courtney, Virginia

Cory Crooks, Arizona State

Hunter Delong, West Virginia

Francis Duggan, Iowa State

Cole Forrester, Air Force

Collin Gerardi, Virginia Tech

Rhett Golowenski, Oklahoma State

Seth Gross, Wisconsin

Tomas Gutierrez, Kent State

Nate Hagan, Edinboro (All Disparity)

Sean Harman, Missouri

Tanner Harvey, American (Holyfield Award)

Jaime Hernandez, North Carolina

Spencer Heywood, Utah Valley

Brock Jennings, Air Force

Gary Joint, Fresno State

Brent Jones, Minnesota

Carson Kharchla, Ohio State

Jason Kraisser, Campbell

Jack Latimer, Campbell (All Wildcard)

Ethan Laird, Rider (All Cover Up)

Anders Lantz, Wisconsin

Dominic Latona, Virginia Tech

Clay Lautt, North Carolina

Nick Lee, Penn State

Peter Lipari, Rutgers

Taylor Lujan, Northern Iowa

Max Lyon, Purdue

Alex Mackall, Iowa State

Alex Marinelli, Iowa

Drew Mattin, Michigan

Kollin Moore, Ohio State

Korbin Myers, Virginia Tech

Thomas Penola, Purdue

Nick Piccininni, Oklahoma State

Sean Pierson, Princeton

Colin Poynter, Air Force

Taleb Rahmani, Pitt

Josh Ramirez, Fresno State

Jake Raschka, Missouri

Lucas Rodriguez, Edinboro

Paxton Rosen, Campbell

Kaden Russell, Duke

Joey Schiele, Bucknell

Devin Schroder, Purdue

Willie Scott, Rutgers

Graham Shore, Air Force

NaKoda Siegel, Campbell (Italicized "S" Award)

Ethan Smith, Ohio State

Joe Smith, Oklahoma State

Brandon Stokes, Bucknell

Dale Tiongson, Princeton

Kalani Tonge, CSU Bakersfield

Robert Weber, Missouri

Alex White, Purdue

Dillon Ulrey, Arizona State

Zahid Valencia, Arizona State

Jared Van Vleet, Air Force

Xavier Vasquez, Northern Colorado

Taylor Venz, Nebraska

Brock Zacherl, Clarion

**********ALL EAR SECOND TEAM**********

Andrew Alirez, Northern Colorado

Connor Brown, Missouri

Mathew Cardello, Navy (All Disparity)

Jack Cheney, Purdue

Jacob Curling, Old Dominion

Chris Deloza, Fresno State

Larry Early, Old Dominion

Parker Filius, Purdue

Josh Finesilver, Duke (All Cover Up)

Noah Grover, Buffalo

Carlos Herrera, CSU Bakersfield

Ethan Krause, Duke

Nick Krug, Air Force

Christian Miller, Nebraska

Tristan Moran, Wisconsin

Peter Pappas, Edinboro

Griffin Parriot, Purdue

Kaleb Young, Iowa

**********ALL EAR FIRST TEAM**********

Taylor Cahill, Buffalo 

Yianni Diakomihalis, Cornell 


Gino Fluri, Rider 

Jared Head, Old Dominion 

Jake Hinz, Indiana 

Dylan Lydy, Purdue 

Quentin Milliken, Rider 

Ian Parker, Iowa State 

Cole Rhone, Virginia Tech 

Nick Steed, Ohio (Taken With A Gameboy Camera Award)

Sam Schuyler, Buffalo 

Lucas Weiland, Army 


Gabe Dinette, Stanford


Purdue University 


Nic Bedelyon, Rider

Cody Caldwell, South Dakota State

Jason Chamberlain, Fresno State

Zack Esposito, Oklahoma State*

Jamill Kelly, Arizona State

Andy Lausier, Davidson

Dan Mitcheff, Kent State

Dan Neff, Navy

Lee Pritts, Arizona State

Israel Silva, Fresno State

Jake Varner, Penn State


Cary Kolat, Campbell Head Coach


Weston Bayer, Wyoming

Anthony Cheloni, Northern Illinois

Jacob Good, Arizona State

Mason Kauffman, Northern Illinois

Terence Perkins, Air Force

Bo Pipher, Penn State

Jaron Smith, Maryland


Alec Bobchin, Rider

Talon Borror, Oklahoma

Jacob Covaciu, Indiana

Zach Elam, Missouri

Nick Santos, Rutgers


Christian Rodriguez, Fresno State


Michael Cassidy, Missouri

Bear Hughes, Oklahoma State 

B.C. Laprade, Virginia Tech

Anthony Molton, Old Dominion

Jeremiah Moody, Iowa (Wildcard of the Year)

Max Murin, Iowa

Mike Parrish, Long Island

Donny Proffit, Wyoming

Josh Shields, Arizona State (All Brow)

Jarrod Snyder, CSU Bakersfield (All Chest)

Jarod Verkleeren, Penn State


Josh Ramirez, Fresno State (Louisiana, Iowa, West Virginia, California)


Tanner Orndorff, Utah Valley


Forest Belli, Princeton

Kam Bush, Central Michigan

Gannon Gremmel, Iowa State

Bear Hughes, Oklahoma State

Legend Lamer, Cal Poly 

Brawley Lamer, Cal Poly

Brock Mauller, Missouri

Price Perrier, Oklahoma State

Dack Punke, Missouri

Ryder Punke, Illinois

Rhise Royster, Long Island

Cornelius Schuster, George Mason

Sebas Swiggum, Minnesota

Cooper Youngblood, The Citadel