Wake Up With Knicks Fans Booing The Hell Out Of Kristaps On Draft Night

Kristaps is back at MSG and in New York tonight. Fuck Kristaps. You're not our guy anymore therefore I hate you. Actually, I hated you the moment you unfollowed Clem. Who unfollows Clem? He's literally the nicest human in the world and I don't think any person could possible come close to disliking him. I hate the kid in this video too, but I'll give him credit, he was ahead of the time. It's time to hate Kristaps. It's time to beat the Mavs again this season. I expect nothing but the most hostile treatment ever. Let's pretend that the Knicks are good tonight at MSG. Let's pretend it's the 90s. I want to see this report come true: 

This is a chance for Marcus Morris to really solidifying himself as a Knick legend. Booping Justin Anderson on the head with a ball is nice, but you do it to Kristaps and we'll probably raise your jersey to the banners.