Once Upon A Time, The Chicago Bears Had A Franchise QB

Go ahead.  Laugh.  We deserve it.  But... I wasn't lying.  Once upon a time, the Chicago Bears did, in fact, have a stud, all pro level QB. The only problem is you have to go all the way back to the 1940s to find him, and he went by the name of Sid Luckman.  The Windy City Gridiron had an awesome article on him this morning and how dominant he was in a day where QBs weren't dominant and how joining US armed services cut his and about 100 players and coaches careers short for WWII.  It was a really good read.

Fast forward about 75 years and the Bears are still searching for a replacement of that franchise QB.  If you want to laugh some more, click on this link of starting QBs in Bears history.  It's a whole 'nother level of stink.  Just rotten fish sitting in the summer sun, and we broke down our current QB debacle this week on Red Line Radio.

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Specifically, we broke down this amazing article by Rich Campbell and Dan Wiederer that goes into EXTREME detail on the 2017 NFL Draft, Ryan Pace's scouting of the big 3 QBs that year, Jon Fox's involvement in the process and how the Bears came to land on Trubisky over Watson and Mahomes.  It is a very telling and even indicting article on the Bears' GM.  One of the best pieces of sports journalism to come out in this city in a LONG time IMO

Also in this week's episode:

- We break down Carl, Eddie and Intern DC's trip to EIU to fuck up Charleston for Jimmy Garropolo's MNF game this week

- Cubs trading Bryant? Contreras? - Interview with Matt Liston, the producer of the Steve Bartman documentary "Catching Hell" - White Sox hot stove update - Astros cheating scandal - Blackhawks are back

It's a loaded episode.  1 hour and 40 mins of unfiltered Chicago sports talk.  Let's fucking cook.