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The Lyrics To Stu Feiner's Happy Birthday Song To Frank The Tank Are Downright Disgusting

Here’s the thing about Stu – he has a big heart. He may come off as crass at times, but he’s a good person to the core. Cares about the people around him, would give you the shirt off his back, a little loud, but an all around good guy. He’s also…a wildly inappropriate sexual deviant. Which is why I shouldn’t have been surprised when he ended his birthday song to Tank with, “My dick is hard right now you have to excuse me because I’m going to jerk off in my mouth swallow my cum which is a little salty taste like phlegm but if I’m asking a woman to swallow my cum I’ll swallow my own cum”,  yet here we are. I guess no matter the occasion Stu is always going to be Stu. Happy Birthday, Tank. We love yah. If you’re reading this go wish the big man a happy birthday @NjTank99.