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Ho Hum, Jacob deGrom Won His 2nd Straight Near-Unanimous Cy Young Award

Back-to-back and belly-to-belly! For the 2nd night in a row, the Mets have an award winner and for the 2nd year in a row, Jacob deGrom wins a Cy Young Award. I'm not going to go into how frustrating it is to have two guys that were near unanimous award winners on a team that had talent around the diamond still not making the playoff because that's been the running theme of deGrom's last two years. Sheer greatness being wasted because the offense, bullpen, or both fucked up along the way. I said it last year and I'll say it again. The fact Jacob deGrom didn't murder a teammate or 10 over the last two seasons should have him on the short list of people that should canonized as a Saint along with being on the short list of back-to-back Cy Young Award winners.

That's a pretty decent group, I suppose. 

The craziest part about this season is there was never really a moment during the season where I thought about deGrom being a lock to win the Cy Young because he was soooooo dominant last season, doesn't make a fucking peep, and we have come to expect greatness from him once every five days. And even though he didn't match last year's numbers which would have been impossible even without juiced balls, Jake was still cleeeeeeeearly the best pitcher in the National League and as of this moment, the best pitcher I have ever seen in a Mets uniform in my life. Who would've thought that the long hair was actually holding him back from being an even more dominant pitcher? Instead he cut the best flow in all of baseball off his head then won back-to-back Cy Young Awards like a reverse Samson. Legend.

This is usually the part of the blog where we usually shame the writer that always somehow happens to write for a California team that didn't vote for the Met for some convoluted reason that is probably just a reverse East coast bias (this time it was Mark Whicker of the Orange County Register). But since Marky Poo voted for Hyun-jin Ryu after Ryu bent the knee to deGrom as Jake put up a 1.29 ERA in September as he was trying to drag the Mets into the playoffs by himself, I think we can all just ignore his vote anyway.

If the Wilpons don't open their wallets to get this man and Pete Alonso help after the seasons they put up, their fake poverty asses should be thrown in the same cell as Bernie Madoff who will then routinely swindle them out of their lunches and canteen. Ahhh who am I kidding? I just hope they don't mail Jake's trophy using whatever Discount Super Saver Bargain shipping option they used last year like a bunch of clownshoes that Jake earned by putting up one of the most dominant pitching seasons any of us will ever see.

P.S. Remember this dickhead?

I was shocked he wasn't the one who cost deGrom winning the Cy Young unanimously. Instead it turns out he didn't have a vote, which seems about right after last year's malfeasance. Fuck that guy.