These Japanese Catchers Are About To Be Dumb Thicc

I feel like wearing baseball pants in general is cheating. Anybody can look like they've got a grade A dumper whilst wearing a pair of those. They're essentially the same thing as yoga pants but for dudes. I'm just waiting on the day where it becomes socially acceptable to wear them out in public. 

But for these Japanese catchers here? Well I have no idea what this drill is but all I do know is that they are going to be working with some serious cabooses by the end of practice. Might even need to bring Guess That Ass back just because of this drill. There's nothing wrong with working on your glutes with the boys. If you're not out there with the fellas trying to get that booty correct, then you just don't have any actual friends. 

When the whole squad is thiccer than a bowl of oatmeal >>>>>