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Bicyclist Gets Completely Owned By a Guy Driving a Car Who Cut Him Off


Hah love it. Oh sorry Mr. Doucheonabike, your life is much, much less important than my bird who’s dying on me. Bike douche didn’t even know how to respond. It’s not all about you just because you’re on a bike. Us normals who drive automobiles have places to go and people to see and birds to revive. We don’t have to make it all about us. And besides, why the fuck does bike idiot even care why he was cut off in the first place? I don’t chase down and tap on the window of every driver who does that to me. Shit happens out on the road. It just happens that idiot decided since he’s on a bike, he has to bring the dramatics everywhere he goes. Even though I think people who keep birds as pets are one step away from the looney bin, I hope the bird lived.


Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 11.55.49 AM