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Indiana Fans Realizing Their Irrelevancy By Chanting And Going Nuts For Evansville Is A Sad Fall From A Once Proud Program

Listen, I can sit here and tell you how embarrassing Kentucky losing to Evansville is. Hell, I did it in multiple blogs. But this? This is just sad. Indiana, a once proud program. A program that would refuse to compare itself to anyone is now chanting for Evansville because they are so obsessed with Kentucky. If anything it just solidifies that the college basketball world cares about Kentucky first and everyone else second. Perhaps it's because Indiana knows they can't beat Kentucky. Perhaps it's because they know that they have to fight and scrap just to make the NCAA Tournament or be on the bubble while Kentucky is likely a top-2 seed. I don't know, not sure what it's like to be a jealous basketball fan. 

Just a sad sight here. No one wants Indiana to be good more than me. It'd be nice to actually hear from Indiana fans talking about present day instead of Watford or Bobby Knight. It's getting old just hearing the same old regurgitated takes from Indiana fans who, honestly, forget what good basketball is like. They have to rely on a team like Evansville. They have to rely on Kentucky. Just sad.