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So The Producer of Karlson And McKensie Radio Show Tweeted That I Stole The Marathon Money Yesterday


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So yesterday the producer of the Karlson and McKensie Radio show Braden Moriarty came out of the woodwork and basically said I stole all the marathon money.  Naturally I didn’t take it to kindly and neither did the Stoolies.   Within about 30 minutes he had deleted his tweet and was begging for mercy with a series of pathetic apologies.  Too late bro.  This is exactly why I was so pissed the other day when I ranted and raved about all the donation shit.   I know that Stoolies are busting balls.   That doesn’t bother me, but what people got to understand is that there are just as many people that hate Barstool as there are that love it. Feminists, jealous people, all waiting to take their shot at the crown.   This fucker obviously hates that we’re successful.   But since he  can’t beat us fair and square he just made shit up.

Why did I feel the need to blog it?  Because  Karlson and McKensie is on a CBS owned radio station. I can’t have them  running around blatantly spreading lies about me.  Especially lies as viscous as this. Because if you’re not a Stoolie you’ll believe it’s the truth.  Why wouldn’t you?   Like who would make this up?  That I’m fucking stealing money from the Marathon victims.  That’s why I owe it to Braden Moriarty to bury him. I’m not doing it for me.  I’m doing it for America.  So people can’t just make up shit and get away with it.  Not on my watch.   Look man tell me you hate me because I made fun of Ben Brady’s huge hog, tell me my humpback neck makes you puke,  but don’t you fucking dare insinuate that I’m not going to donate the marathon money to charity.   That’s how motherfuckers get internet steamrolled.  Choo! Choo!  Davey Pageviews Express coming through!  Choo! Choo!