Zeke Elliott's Mom Has Beef With Skip Bayless Now And It's The Only Time I'll Ever Root For The Cowboys

It's on sight if Momma Elliott ever sees Skip Bayless out in public. And you know what? I'm all in on Momma Elliott whooping up on some Skip Bayless ass. I mean I would never encourage violence or anything of that nature. But this man took to Twitter [dot] com to put out a video of himself throwing out her son's jersey. If that doesn't call for a complete and thorough ass kicking from Momma Bear, then I don't know what does. 

I'll tell you what though--this just sums up Dallas Cowboys fans perfectly. Just a bunch of fair weathered dorks who think the world revolves around them because they root for a team that was considered "America's Team" like 25 years ago. I mean this team is still in 1st place in the division and Skip is just gonna toss his jersey in the trash like that? 

But wait! It gets even worse. Because look at that trash can. There's no bag in there. That's just an empty metal container. It's not like Skip Bayless threw that jersey out in the same trash bag with the shit he just emptied out from his fridge. There's no leftover pasta in there. There aren't any rotten vegetables that he didn't get around to eating before they went bad. It's just an empty metal bin, which proves that all Dallas Cowboys fans are fake. He can just take the jersey out of there as soon as the video stops recording and there won't be a single thing wrong with it. Cowboys fans are as fake as the day is long. Skip don't want that smoke, but I sure as heck hope that Ezekiel Elliott's mom provides it.