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If Minnesota Wins This Weekend, Should They Tear Down Iowa's Goal Posts?

In 2002, when Iowa took down Minnesota, their fans stormed the Metro Dome field and tore down Minnesota's goalposts.

SOURCE-The wild celebration the Hawkeyes and their fans enjoyed in the Metrodome in 2002 was priceless. In the throes of Iowa’s Big Ten title-clinching victory, with an 8-0 conference record on top of that, Iowa fans tore down the goal posts in the Metrodome’s south end zone.


“We had about 50,000 fans charge the field, rip down goal posts, throw people in the air and carry us off the field,” Iowa defensive end Matt Roth said. “It was a lot of fun. They were grabbing everything they could. They were kleptomaniacs, trying to steal players, coaches and goal posts.”

Stuff like this is what makes college football so fun. The history. The pettiness. However, as JBL always used to say on RAW/Smackdown, be careful what you bring into the ring, because it may be used against you. 

Iowa comes into this weekend 6-3, 3-3 in the Big Ten. Minnesota? 9-0. Is it time for them to take revenge 17-years later? First, the 3-point underdog Gophers need to win the game. If they do and their fans storm the field to rip down their field goal posts? It would be the moment of the season. 

Is it likely? Probably not. 2019 is much different than 2002. It did happen in 2014 when Ole Miss students tore down the posts, but they were at home. 

If it does happen, hopefully, Minnesota fans will have better luck getting the posts out of the stadium:

The Hawkeye horde carried an upright up a flight of stairs and onto a concourse before discovering the Metrodome's revolving doors