Big News In Illinois: Daylight Savings Time Might Be Here To Stay In 2020


State Rep. Allen Skillicorn (R-Crystal Lake) continues pushing legislation to make Daylight Saving Time permanent in Illinois. According to a news release from Skillicorn’s team, one of the reasons he’s sponsoring the legislation he introduced earlier this spring (HB 3837) is due to recent news reports highlighting some of the health risks associated with moving clocks forward and backward each year. The legislation states that after 2 a.m. on the second Sunday of March 2020, clocks shall be moved forward one hour, and thereafter Daylight Saving Time would become the Standard Time in Illinois, according to the release.

So back on November 8th this bill proposal was brought to whatever floor or house or government building it needed to be brought to to get voted on.  Talk all the shit you want, I don’t totally know how it works.  What I do know is this: turning the clocks back an hour SUCKS.  For me personally, I find myself falling asleep at like 10pm against my will every night.  I still can’t shake the ipso facto “jet lag” because I’m a huge pussy for one, and I’m old as fuck for two.  31 going on like 50.  And that’s me – I’m bouncing back and forth from my apartment to the office and other places throughout the day.  I get to see sunlight here and there.  I can’t imagine what it’s like for typical cube rats who…. Oh wait, yes I can.  Back in my freight slinging days we’d get to the office at 645am or so.  Would leave at 5pm, sometimes later.  There would be a solid 2ish month stretch where we’d go without seeing sunlight at all throughout the day.  Talk about seasonal depression.  It is real and it is awful.

But these Rep. Skillicorn and Sen. Manar cats are hopefully putting an end to it.  The vote was held yesterday, and it looks like there’s a good shot we’ll join Arizona in telling “fall back” to fuck off somewhere.  From what I understand, now that the bill has passed in the state senate, it now just needs to pass in the state house, which is all but a given:

44 yeas to 2 nays!  In the words of Cousin Eddie, “I haven’t seen a beating like that since someone stuck a banana down my pants and turned a monkey loose!”

Skillikorn was quoted in The Patch saying this:

If we can get this done during the Veto Session, we should move quickly to get it passed into law next spring.

Perfect.  Lock it up.  Call me a pussy, say it’ll be dangerous for little kids at the bus stop when it’s pitch black at 7am, I don’t care.  The sun needs to stay out until at least 530pm.  Bouncing the clocks around every few months is a detriment to our health.  Science says so.

PS – if you live in The Region and work in Chicago – better start house hunting.  This will really suck ass for you