Jacoby Smith


2 days in the books of the wildest NFL free agent period yet. Conflicting reports left and right, big time names trading allegiances, and we get a front row seat to all of it on the twitter machine. Literally don’t know how we survived a single offseason without it. Just gets better every year.

The Ravens took care of business early on, locking up Eugene Monroe for 5 years, $37.5 mil. Wasted no time taking care of their top priority. $7.5 million is a STEAL for a top flight OT, and Monroe is the guy the Ravens have been looking for ever since Jon Ogden retired in 2007. Still a few question marks on the offensive line, but we’d be in deep shit without him.

Jacoby Jones was in the middle of a visit with the Giants when he decided Baltimore was the only place for him. Didn’t necessarily need him, but it’s nice to have him back. Good for a couple special teams TD’s a year and brings some explosiveness offensively when Flacco actually has the chance to step up in the pocket. 4 years for $14 million is probably about what he’s worth, so I don’t mind it one bit. Glad he dressed up for the occasion.



Steve Smith is the big potential coupe for the Ravens right now. Brings a great veteran presence to the table as he looks to win a championship on the back 9 of his career. Love the idea of signing him up. His numbers may be in decline, but he wouldn’t be expected to come in and catch 90 balls. The Ravens are looking for a gritty receiver with polished route-running that can move the chains, and Smith can be that guy. Plus he brings the kind of attitude to the gridiron that the city of Baltimore loves, so he would fit right in. Steve Smith. So incendiary.


The prognosis on re-signing Daryl Smith doesn’t look great, but that could still change. He’s been linked to the Broncos, and reports say his asking price at the moment is too large for us. If we can’t meet in the middle with him, we could be looking at Brandon Spikes or Lamar Woodley at inside linebacker. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

BREAKING: Adam Schefter is reporting that Daryl Smith has signed for 4 years, 16.1 million. Perfect.

Art Jones, Corey Graham, James Ihedigbo, and Jameel McClain will all be wearing different uniforms next season. It’s a shame, but they deserved a bigger payday, and we couldn’t afford to keep them. I’m grateful for their help in bringing a Super Bowl title to Baltimore, but they’re the enemy now. We’ll replace them without a hitch, it’s just what Ozzie does.