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Gregg Popovich Crushed His Speech At Tony Parker's Jersey Retirement Ceremony

As much as Popovich might be kind of a dick to reporters, sometimes maybe he's a little arrogant as a coach, the one thing he absolutely does is nail these jersey retirement speeches. There aren't a lot of things in this world that can make Pop seem human and actually experience feelings other than rage and disgust, but the Spurs Big 3 of Tim, Manu, and Tony is one of them. I suppose it makes sense considering it was their success that has people declaring Pop the greatest coach ever so you can understand why maybe he treats those guys a little differently than say....Marco Belinelli. You know when you have Pop crackin jokes and actually showing a personality that his love is real. 

If you haven't seen his other speeches I highly recommend them. The man may be a grump but he crushes this moment. You ever crush a best man speech or anything like that? Greatest feeling in the world if you're lucky enough to do that. Everyone coming up to you congratulating you and telling you how awesome it was, 10/10 feeling. That's what these are like