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Why Am I Crying At The End Of A Game Of Jeopardy?

What the hell was that, Dhruv? Couldn't you give us or at least Alex a #Feelings warning before you start cutting dust-filled onions in front of a live studio audience? Hearing Trebek's voice crack with that expression on his face while reading Dhruv's Final Jeopardy answer that was most certainly not in the form of a question twisted a dagger in my soul like the first time I saw my dad cry, which was ironically due to a loved one losing their battle with pancreatic cancer. 

But at the same time it was something that had to be said to a stranger that feels like a family member because we invite him into our homes on TV on a nightly basis. We know Alex is fighting an uphill battle and can use every word of encouragement (and he has received a TON) while he faces off against the big C. If you want to help him and countless others in that fight while supporting the cause of all those purple ribbons being worn on Jeopardy these days, you can go to

As always, #FuckCancer

P.S. In not nearly as important but still related news, with Emma winning tonight and becoming a finalist in the Tournament of Champions, the possibility of an Emma vs. Big Brain James rematch is very real as long as El Grande Cerebro can win Tuesday night. Need it. I'd also be fine if that matchup was just for bragging rights and the grand prize went to Dhruv for creating this moment before ultimately donating it all toward researching a cure for pancreatic cancer.