DJ Drops The Hottest Beat Of The Year Featuring Coach O

Need the full song to be released and I need it to be released NOW. 

This song, of course, features Coach O's viral rant in the locker room the other night:

Was Coach O mad about the clip? Well, kind of:

SOURCE-"I wished that wouldn’t have happened," Orgeron said. "That shouldn’t have happened. I addressed the player that did it and he felt bad about it. They are so used to having those phones on them all the time. I mean, we have pre-game meal, and I tell them to turn the phones off for just a little bit so we can say the prayer. We say the prayer, and they are back on their phones."

Nice to see Coach O is the same even after his big win. Focused on the important things: getting these damn kids off their phone.

P.s. This is still the GOAT Coach O song: