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Things Are Not Looking Great For Hernandez



Look I don’t know much about Hernandez’s personal life. I know he’s from Connecticut and smoked weed in college and that’s it. So it would be a pretty big jump to murder/accomplice. But let’s agree on one thing: if he did this he’s the worst criminal in history. Killing a guy who was just with you in a car rented in your name then leaving him a mile from your house is about as stupid as it gets. Leaving his cellphone with him when he texted buddies he was with Aaron Hernandez of the New England Patriots? Have you ever seen an episode of CSI dude? They notice that shit. I don’t consider myself a hardened criminal or a mastermind of any sorts but there’s no way I make that mistake. No chance I think “hey where could we hide that body? Oh what about that park down the street.” Killing a guy is stupid but killing a guy and being stupid about it is even stupider.