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'That's The Stupidest Shit Ever' - IU Head Coach Archie Miller, To A Reporter Asking Him About Load Management For An Injured Player

This is the most on brand answer from Archie Miller or really anyone from the Beaver Falls area where he's from. You think Archie Miller gives a damn about load management? Hell no, that's an NBA thing. Also I have no idea why this is even being asked. The NBA is nearly 3x the length of the college hoops season in terms of regular season games. You can't 'load manage' in college hoops like you can in the NBA. Sure, maybe a game or maybe be on some limited minutes, but with 30 games you're going to play. Coaches don't give a shit about load management. 

Plus, Indiana is desperate at this point. They need to be relevant, they need to at least be a team that has a threat to make the NCAA Tournament. Granted that might be asking a lot for a program who have made just 8 tournaments since they played in the title game in 2002. That's 8 tournaments in the last 17! Sure, some sanctions in there, but the point is this program is desperate because they are irrelevant right now. 

I love how Archie tried to not say how dumb he thought it was but still got caught at the end. You can tell he just wanted to go off and probably have a 'boomer-esque' rant. I'll give him credit though, I want honesty from coaches and players. Give me the stupidest shit answer.