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Football Guy of the Week Nominees: CFB Week 11 and NFL Week 10

First things first, LSU’s monstrous win over Alabama provided us some historical Coach O-related content. So with that, it’s only fitting that the Tigers’ head honcho is a nominee for this edition of Football Guy of the Week. But, Coach O does have some slick competition, so let’s get to it.

Frank Martin for literally saying he’s a Football Guy.

Mr. Cat mentioned it on the show, but we’re sensing a little basketball guy turned football guy trend here over the last few weeks. His Bulls and Jim Boylen were on the list last week. Frank Martin always screamed Football Guy to me. Some of his interactions with players on the bench are legit, and there’s obviously a reason behind it: He took the Gamecocks to the Final Four just two years ago.

Coach O for letting it all out after one of (if not the biggest) wins in his career.

As mentioned earlier, Coach O was peak Coach O on Saturday after picking up this humongous win in Tuscaloosa. But this was probably the best moment. All that hard work, runs with the sun, and everything else culminating in the LSU win. Also, this line, too, I guess:

Luke Kuechly for not wearing sleeves in a game since freshman year in high school, no matter the weather.

Mr. Commenter brought up a solid point. Although not wearing sleeves in the snow is a Football Guy move, Kuechly vividly remembers the last time he wore the extra layer. So, does that axe the Football Guy title? That’s for you to decide.

Random Raiders fan for skipping his court date so he could attend Thursday Night Football.

Hopefully this Oakland fanatic remains anonymous (I’m sorry if being featured here blows your spot), but this is a great sign. Hopefully the government doesn’t come calling soon.