Giannis Air Balls Free Throw, Promptly Rips Jersey And Kicks A Hole Through A Sign

I think the entire world might just have flipped the thought on Giannis. Gone is this innocent lovable guy trying different foods for the first time. Now we have a guy who is willing to rip his jersey and kick a hole through a sign. That's the sign of a guy who is ready to be a lunatic and really what was missing from his game. First comes that then comes the jumper. 

Also how big is this guy's fucking foot? He destroyed that sign in what can only be assumed with one swift kick. Really, this is how I want to see a guy react to an air mailed free throw though. If you can't do this, then do this: 

PS: Thank God these jerseys didn't have sleeves. That was the dumbest trend in basketball jerseys.