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LSU Players Telling Alabama Recruits To Reconsider Seconds After The Game Ended Is College Football Perfection

“Come on over to Death Row Valley”

This is what I love about college football. If you win a huge game at home you get to storm the field. If you lose a massive game at home and you get the other team dancing on your grave, hugging parents and crying on the sidelines, and stealing your recruits from under your nose. Sure, Alabama has been wildly more successful in the past *checks notes* forever. But if you’re one of those recruits sitting there watching Alabama scurry off the field while these young men come over and start pitching you on coming to LSU, you have to at least consider what they’re selling. Between that and Coach O killing Roll Tide with one fell swoop I’m setting the over/under on recruits decommitting from Alabama and committing to LSU over the next week at a smooth 5.5. Anything less than a half dozen switch from crimson to purple and yellow and I’d be shocked.