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Reports That Aaron Hernandez Was Obstructing Justice Were Flat Out Wrong


HeraldHomicide detectives swarmed inside and outside the $1.3 million North Attleboro home of ?Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez last night as the star player was questioned about the suspicious death of a man found less than a mile away. The platoon of investigators snapped photos inside the mini-mansion, combed through a white sedan in the driveway and walked up and down the street hunting for clues in ditches. Police were also seen leaving the home late last night carrying a cardboard box as they headed to their cars. … A North Attleboro detective disputed unsubstantiated Web reports Hernandez was being uncooperative. “He’s there. He’s fine,” the detective told the Herald. … Hernandez came to the door last night to open it for police.

I’ve got to admit, I was as worried as anyone in New England to hear the early reports that said Hernandez wasn’t cooperating with the cops.  I mean, that shit might fly in Baltimore and at ESPN, but we don’t operate like that up here.  Sure, our cornerbacks might punch an off duty cop in a bar brawl or go medieval on some cab driver’s ass, but they own up to it.  They pay their debt to society.  It’s not The Patriots Way to obstruct justice.  And here we have it, direct from the horse’s mouth. He’s there.  He’s fine.  He’s opening up his home to the authorities and letting the CSI: North Attleboro boys do all their forensics and cooperating in every way.  That’s not me talking, that’s the detective running the show.  Though I wouldn’t be surprised to learn he’s helping out with the manhunt.  So everyone who rushed to judgment on this one and started comparing him to Ray Lewis can start working on their apologies.  And let ye who never had a rent-a-car in his name found next to the dead body of “an associate” cast the first stone.

Hernandez is working with the police to crack this case.  Gronk’s surgery was a huge success.  The situation that was so grim last night is looking much brighter this morning.  Alright, move on.  Nothing to see here.  Please disburse. Nothing to see here…




PS.  At this point my biggest concern is Hernandez getting bagged for smacking his lawyer on the ass in front of a judge.  @JerryThornton1