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Claude Giroux Is A Full-Blown Bully

Avert your eyes, boys and girls. This is just tough to watch. I mean I thought that we, as a society, had made such great progress to get rid of bully culture in sports. But here comes Claude Giroux just cancelling out all of that hard work we've been putting in over the past 10-15 years. I mean the amount of disrespect it takes to wind up and unleash a clap bomb of that magnitude from the hashmarks is equivalent to hanging Freddy Andersen on the flagpole from his underpants. 

And that's not even the first time he's treated an NHL goaltender like a 2nd class citizen this week. He pretty much did the same exact thing on Tuesday night to Petr Mrazek when the Flyers put a beatdown on the Hurricanes. 

Just a total lack of remorse. You honestly have to start wondering at this point if Claude Giroux is a certified psychopath. Might want to get him mentally evaluated.

Oh and speaking of shit that we've seen this week from the Flyers happening again, Travis Konecny and Oskar Lindblom tried this little tip play on the powerplay against Montreal on Thursday night. 

It didn't quite go but that's because Carey Price is an absolute freak between the pipes. But last night in Toronto?

Same exact play but this time it ends up in the back of the net. You love to see it. 

3 straight wins for the Flyers. At least a point in each of their last 5 games. And a chance to pick up 4 points on the road this weekend in Boston. Ladies and gentlemen, I believe that the Philadelphia Flyers men's professional ice hockey team is actually good.