Danny Roberts Just SILENCED The Moscow Crowd With A DEVASTATING Left Hook KO

Just a good ol’ fashioned knockout right there from Danny Roberts. That’s what happens when grown men trained to fight stand and trade rock ‘em sock ‘em style. One of them is gonna fall, and it’s probably gonna happen pretty quickly.

Here, Roberts sent Zelim Imadaev from Canada to Mexico with a punch that might not’ve even landed as harshly as Imadaev’s face on the canvas. Moscow was absolutely silenced, as expected, but I always feel like that only makes these brutal hometown knockouts feel worse for some reason. Stipe Miocic’s over Febricio Werdum comes to mind immediately. I guess, because if the opposite had happened, and it was Roberts getting sent into bolivian, the crowd would’ve been going so wild they might’ve trampled the guy on his way out.

Check out the hole on the side of Roberts’ face…

Yeeeeaaaaah, no thanks. MMA is not for me. I’ll leave it to the pros.

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