Tyson Fury Has Made His First Steps Into The Octagon And Looks Very Scary Training With Darren Till

Tyson Fury has been teasing a crossover into mixed martial arts for quite some time now, and after conquering professional wrestling, it seems he’s taken his first steps towards making that a reality.

Today, he spent some time in the cage with UFC Middleweight Darren Till working on some fundamentals, and honestly? He already looks pretty fuckin scary. Some of those elbows he was throwing could probably cave an elephant’s skull in. I know, I know – before you bring up Randy Couture/James Toney, I’ve seen it – but listen…if the UFC could find a few shlubs for Greg Hardy to pummel on while he got his “footing”, they could ABSOLUTELY find a few more for The Gypsy King if he’s serious about this.

Speaking of Greg Hardy, he’s fighting again this afternoon over in Moscow. It’ll mark the first time he’s ever faced a formidable opponent in Alexander Volkov, and I think he’s gonna get his fuckin ass whooped. Massachusetts’ own Calvin Kattar is also taking on Zabit in the main event. Tune in if you wanna check that out.

Going back to the Tyson Fury stuff tho, I’d love to see it! I’d love to see the UFC line up a pathetic tomato can for him to fight just for all the bells and whistles that’d come along with it. I love that circus style shit! It’s great content for us, and nobody in boxing is better than producing that than Fury!

Except maybe that other 7ft tall bald son of a bitch…

Screen Shot 2019-11-09 at 12.41.12 PM

It seems this little clip has even caught Dana White’s attention, and not too long after saying a Fury jump to MMA wouldn’t end well for him, he’s throwin the Gypsy King some eyes!

Do I think it’ll happen? Fury to MMA? No. If Mayweather/McGregor taught me anything, though, it’s to never say never in this sport, so we’ll see what happens.

…but, Tyson?