Sidney Crosby Gifted A Veteran A Car Proving Once Again He Is A Better Human Than All Of Us

Sidney Crosby continues to prove that he is a better human than all of us. The latest example that lil cros is the perfect role model was his gesture for veterans day. The Pittsburgh Penguins hosted a group of veterans on Friday to salute their service, giving them a tour of the practice facility, custom jerseys and the chance to meet the best player of our generation, Sidney Crosby.

Crosby then gifted a car to Army Spc. Madeline Malizio who, along with her military service, is a single mom who is attending school. She also doesn’t have a car and has to take public transportation everywhere. Obviously being the great guy Sid is, he wouldn’t let this last much longer, gifting Madeline and 3-year-old son the 2019 Honda Passport Elite he won for being MVP of last season’s NHL All-Star game.

Just another example of Sidney Crosby being the perfect human being. He is better than me. He is better than you. He is better than all of us. Just a nice guy, who tries hard, loves the game AND supports the troops. Doesn’t get much better than that.