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Knicks Win A Wild One And Finally Meet The Euro Monster They've Been Waiting For

FRANKIE SMOKES COMING OUT PARTY!!! That's right, FIBA Frank has finally arrived with octopus arms, lockdown defense, and what appears to be a developing offensive game. 

Oh yeah and they played some 7'3 European dude with hair that is way too fresh late in the game like every kid you hated playing against in elementary school. But we really don't have to talk about him since he got buckets, blocked some shots, fouled out, and lost. I've seen that movie starring him a thousand times. But tonight was about Frank not only putting up a 14, 6, 4, 4, 3 stat line but being a force on both sides of the floor. 

Even Frank's misses were beautiful (I don't care what the review said, that was a foul).

There is no way to prove this, but a killshot on KP would have been the official cease fire of the Ntilikina Civil War between the Frank Hive and Frank Haters that has gripped Knicks fans.

There was still plenty to go crazy about during this game. Julius Randle remains a grab bag that can give you either a candy bar or a live hand grenade on any given possession and the Knicks actually resemble a bad free throw shooting college team when they go to the line. But the veterans and Frank stepped up big on a night where RJ Barrett was lost and their old franchise player was an opponent for the first time. Oh yeah and watching Tim Hardaway Jr. play for the other team is truly a delight. I honestly don't care about winning another game until 2020 outside of the Mavs game next Thursday. The Knicks can go 1-and-whatever for the rest of 2019 and I'll be fine with it.

Time for some Tommy Facts!


Also Luka is a fucking manchild (the correct usage of this expression, not Portnoy's). Him whining about every single call is annoying. But he can get a bucket no matter while using old man moves in slow motion. It's wild.