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Reader Email - Would You Rather Date A Girl 10 Pounds Too Skinny Or 10 Pounds Overweight?



Reader Email 

So my buddy and I were at a bar last night watching to Bruins. During the  intermission we saw two girls, one could clearly stand to drop 10 pounds while the other clearly could stand to gain 10 pounds.  So this brought up a question, woudl you rather date a girl who is 10 pounds too thin (not unhealthy thin)  or a girl who need to drop 10 pounds (not grossly overweight) ?  I’d rather go for the underweight girl because the overweight girl is teetering on the edge of being too heavy.



Wrong answer bro.   Give me the heavier girl every day of the week and twice on Sunday.   It’s the classic Maxim girl vs. high fashion girl.  Maxim girls are way more attractive.  WAY MORE.    Give me the curves.  Give me the tits.  Give me the ass.  And more importantly a heavier girl can always drop 10 pounds and become an instant smoke.   A girl who is too skinny either can’t keep her weight or has an eating disorder which will haunt her the rest of her life.  Headcase city.  No thanks.  Give me the fatty who likes to go out to dinner and then will suck a mean dick afterwards.   Way better to date.   No brainer city.  If you disagree with this then you’re just a fool who probably doesn’t know how to fuck right.

Vote 1 for skinny and 10 for America


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