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As If This James Wiseman Story Couldn't Be More Confusing, The NCAA Decides To Say 'He's Likely Ineligible' ... WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON

Alright, what the fuck is this? I mean the NCAA sucks, but how do you put out a statement saying he's 'likely ineligible.' He's either ineligible or not. That's it. It's not that goddamn difficult - unless you're the NCAA. In case you forgot here's the story. You had James Wiseman reportedly ineligible: 

Including in this Woj tweet was this saying it started from 2008: 

Needless to say that was wrong and Woj had everyone fucked up. He eventually fixed it all: 

Okay, so it appeared that Wiseman was screwed. HOWEVAH, Shams decided to get involved and give us this: 

And now this. Seriously what the fuck is going on. I have no idea if Wiseman is going to play the entire year, half the year or what. Memphis clearly doesn't give a fuck. They are going to challenge everything and fight it. I'll give Penny credit for that. He's going to force the NCAA's hand. The NCAA is going to put out some bullshit statement like this and just confuse everyone even more. 

As always fuck the NCAA.