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HOLY SHIT: Memphis Star F/C James Wiseman Has Been Ruled Ineligible By The NCAA. UPDATE: He's Eligible Again!

Uhh, holy shit. So there were rumors that something was going on with Wiseman with him sitting out an exhibition game. But to say Penny is the reason why? That’s a whole new wrinkle. Remember, Wiseman was part of Penny’s AAU team. This is just massive though. Wiseman is a preseason All-American, he’s the gem of Memphis No. 1 recruiting class, shit even the Warriors might be tanking for him. Now? Well, now Memphis is nowhere near a top-15 team in the country.

PS: Penny is the dirtiest coach in Memphis history.


What the fuck is going on? 

So I guess Wiseman is suing the NCAA and because of that is able to play tonight? Shit is crazy and probably only to get crazier as everything unfolds. Regardless of what happens, I stand by my Penny comment.