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39% Of People Say They'd Spend A Week In Jail To Wipe Their Student Debt Clean

39% willing to spend a week in jail to erase their student debt. Astounding. That means a whopping 61% of college graduates are still fucking morons and should turn their degrees back in. This is the easiest decision of all-time. Even if it’s hard jail. The type of jail where they try to make you someone’s bitch and it’s gruel sandwhiches, gruel omelets, and the dementors come down and suck the soul out of your body…I mean…ehhhh. Who cares? It’s one bad week. You might even learn something while you’re in there about life. Or something. I don’t know. The average student, per one quick google search, leaves college with $25,000 in debt. If I could make 25k just for being in jail I’d do it in a heartbeat. I mean think of how much money that is. If you made 25k/week for an entire year you’d end up with $1.3M. The only 22 year-olds on the planet making that much money are the ones who went to college on a scholarship. The 61% who say they wouldn’t do one little week in jail are instead signing up for a decade + of indentured servitude. Paying off your shitty education where your professors taught you the evils of the patriarchy just so you could leave your school and become a freight broker or entry level sales at CDW. No fucking thanks. Some people might choose jail over those jobs in a straight up trade. I can’t believe anyone would choose paying their debt. It’s insane to me to the point that the more I think about it I want that $1.3M. I think if someone offered me that deal I would do jail for a year and then I could do a podcast series or a book about my life in prison. That could be another $250k. I think I would do it. Send me to jail, make me a millionaire