Conor McGregor Is NOT The Father Of Random Child In Liverpool, DNA Test Shows

Ayyyy! Conor McGregor just scored his first upset in years, as the Independent is reporting he is officially NOT the father of Terri Murray's baby. This is a HUUUUGE win for McGregor, after YEARS of defamation from Murray, and an even bigger loss for McGregor Hater Twitter.

Terri Murray, if you're unaware, is this chick who was out with Conor in Liverpool back in 2017, who was able to get tons of pictures with him that made it look as if they might've engaged in some coitus. One of the photos featured the couple in the bathroom with McGregor's hand up her skirt (nice), she was kissing him on the cheek in one, she was in his car in another, and the "dagger", according to every hater in my DMs over the past year, was a shot of Terri wearing the shirt McGregor was wearing in all of the other photos. They're very easy pictures to find if you wanna see em.

Murray has been plastering these images all over social media for years now, in addition to DMs with McGregor where she claimed the baby she had nine months after her meeting with the Irishman was his. He denied it in all of the direct messages she posted, and more or less called her crazy before wishing her and her child the best, but still, nobody really believed him. I think that's probably because of all of the other crazy rumors, stories, and allegations to come outta his camp over the past few months, and I can't fault people for having doubts, but here's all I'm saying - let things play out.

Obviously, Terri Murray is just a crazy person who spent a night with McGregor and tried to ruin his life through extortion, and shit like this happens all the time with famous people. If we start jumping to conclusions about everything someone posts on social media, we're gonna lose our minds collectively for no reason at all...which is already sorta happening. Let's all take a deep breath and just wait for eeeeeeverything to play out.