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Professional Golfer Max Homa Is A Better Son Than You

I don't know much about prison other than it sucks and you don't want to go to it. Food probably sucks too but I can't say for sure. My lockup experiences are related to a central IL county jail and they don't serve food in central IL county jails. So I'm no expert. But I will go out on a limb and say pushing the food cart around a prison - any prison - sounds like the absolute worst fucking job on the planet. I wouldn't wish that shit on my worst enemy. Although objectively it would be funny if WSD was a lunch lady for a few days. 

Anyways point is congratulations to Max Homa for taking care of his #1 lady. He's played in as many PGA events as Tiger Woods has won with his first victory coming last May in the Wells Fargo Championship. At 28 you could argue he's got a pretty bright future but you definitely can't argue being a better son than him. Not until you get mom out of prison on the back of your bullshit golf game.